Woodson Estates Neighborhood Garage Sale

Neighborhood Garage Sale

Our neighborhood garage sale begins this coming Wednesday, June 5th and runs through Saturday, June 8th. Signs for the sale will be posted this coming Monday and will remain up through Saturday morning. 

If you want to help us drive traffic, you can also share our facebook event by going to Woodson Estates’ facebook page. We would also recommend posting the sale on your social media feeds!

Dumpster Day

On Saturday, June 8th, we will also have trash dumpsters at 2 locations that will be available from 8am to noon. In order to use the dumpster, you must be a resident of Woodson Estates and your dues must be paid in full. 
Dumpster 1 will be located at 6129 Larson Avenue.
Dumpster 2 will be located at 12300 E. 59th Terrace

The dumpsters are only for household trash and can not accept lawn waste. Additionally, toxic substances such as batteries, tires, and paint will not be accepted.

Do you have storm debris that you need to get rid of?

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