Woodson Estates Needs Your Help!

The Woodson Estates Homes Association needs your help to be able to serve the neighborhood more efficiently and provide better services and amenities, as well as continue running.

Some provisions in our Bylaws and Restrictions are dated and vague, inconsistent across plats, and have specific language in them that make it difficult to provide amenities to the neighborhood. The neighborhood has voted at the annual meetings to adopt these changes, however there are complications.

To be able to make the necessary changes to these documents, we need 3/4ths of the Woodson Estates Homeowners to physically sign the amendment documents. 

The following are the Proposed Amendments to the Declaration (Bylaws):

To view and download the full proposed Declaration of Restrictions, click here.

The following are the Proposed Changes to the Declaration of Restrictions:

The new restrictions are mostly the same as our original. The purpose of rewriting them was to unify the restrictions between plats. Currently, each of our 10 plats has similar versions of the restrictions with some modifications made between them. A restriction may have been added as a new plat was built or a restriction may have been modified or removed. This new document ensures all properties are treated equally.

The label (original) signifies that no language was changed and that while different plats may have had this language under different restriction numbers, the language in the unified document reflects the intent of the original documents.

To view and download the full proposed Declaration of Restrictions, click here.

Here's how you can help!