Pool Fundraiser & Neighborhood Update

We are excited to announce a great opportunity for you to meet your neighbors, enjoy some good food, and support the Woodson Estates Pool. On August 26th we are going to host a block party at the pool and green-space that will be perfect for everyone. 

In addition to the games and activities we will be hosting a silent auction to help raise funds. If you have a service, good, gift card, or product you’d like to donate to the silent auction send an email to woodsonestatesboard@gmail.com. This is a great way for you to advertise your business to the neighborhood.

The QR code in this email links directly to Woodson Estate’s PayPal account if you are unable to make it to the party but would like to give towards the pool. Simply click the link or scan the code and you can give an amount of your choice. The description will indicate this is an assessment, however, any amount given above your already paid dues will go directly to the pool. 
Neighborhood UpdatesThe board is sending mailers to those of you that have still not paid your 2023 Dues or have not signed the documents to begin the process of us updating our bylaws. Updating our bylaws is critical as they have not been updated since they were originally drafted. These include “right of first refusal” restrictions on the sale of homes, which creates a number of challenges for new neighbors. If you have any questions, please email the Woodson Estates Board and we will be happy to speak with you regarding these changes. You can read about this on this page.

Woodson Estates sells Frontier Trash Bags as a fund raiser for the park and pool area. The money goes into a special savings account and at this time the board is hoping to raise enough to replace the roof on the shelter house and replace the playground equipment. You can order the bags by contacting Sandy Olson, 816-405-2415 or sandyo@rainbowrecorp.com. The bags can be picked up at 12112 E 62nd Terrace Or a board member will deliver them to your home. Each roll is $12.00.