Pool Day Passes

We are exited to announce that starting Saturday, July 15th we will begin offering day passes for residents of Woodson Estates and Timber Valley to come and swim at the pool. Passes can be purchased from the life guard when you arrive and are good for the entire day, and can be purchased with cash or card.

An adult must sign two consent forms, which are attached to this email; you can print and complete these in advance to save time, or complete them at the pool. These forms are good for the remainder of the season.

We will be offering day passes through Sunday, August 20th. Anyone living outside of Woodson Estates or Timber Valley must be accompanied by a resident for the duration of their swim.

Passes cost $5 for children ages 1-17 and $10 for adults. The pool hours are posted at this link. We do permit children ages 12 and up to swim at the pool without an adult present provided all consent forms have been completed by their parent or guardian.

All active memberships are still valid and additional memberships may be still be purchased for the pool season, which lasts until September 4th.