A Request of Woodson Estates Members

The Woodson Estates Board and Pool Committee are asking for help in keeping the Woodson Estates pool and grounds in good condition. If you are able to donate supplies, your time, or a monetary gift we do need your help. Monetary gifts can be donated online at woodsonestates.org/assessments. Please label it as “donations” for the project you choose. To sign up to volunteer, or if you have questions, contact Sandy Olson, Treasurer, at 816-405-2415 or sandyo@rainbowrecorp.com

When selling houses in our area, real estate agents use the Woodson Estates pool and park to entice prospective buyers. Every Woodson Estates member benefits from our park and pool either by using them, by having increased home value, or by their improvement to our community.

We have held fundraisers for maintaining the pool, shelter house, and green space. In 2017, the Pool Committee raised over $9,000 which paid for major concrete repairs that were desperately needed. There is a savings account we use for property maintenance, however it is insufficient to cover these much needed repairs and projects. We have an initial goal to raise another $9,000 by next summer. A list of needs are below and we are requesting that you donate time, talent, or money to keep this great area desirable. 

Upcoming projects: 

  1. Repair concrete around the baby pool. We have received a bid for $6,000.
  2. Replace 2 doors on the pool house. We have allocated $1,000 towards this project. 
  3. Repair the soffits around the pool house. Squirrels have eaten holes in tables and chairs and are leaving messes everywhere. Repairs will cost about $600. 
  4. Install a cover over the pool pump. We have not received bids for this project. This year the Pool Committee had to pay $1,000 to repair the pump due to the weather. 
  5. Purchase 2 picnic tables. They will cost approximately $1,500.
  6. New roof for the shelter house. The Board has $1,200 in savings from donations to apply toward the roof. Our insurance is requiring us to repair it.
  7. Concrete repair, paint, and items to make the pool ready for next year. We have not received bids for this project.
  8. Our parking lot is in great need of maintenance. We have not received bids for this project.  

We have approximately 70 families that purchase season pool passes each year. This money goes towards keeping the pool open, paying bills, such as water, electricity, phone, trash, and other necessities. Also, we have about 70 children that join The Sharks swim team, which competes within the city. The team practices every day during the week and has swim meets every Saturday. Each Shark family pays to compete, coaching expenses, and for the use of the Woodson Estates pool.

The Woodson Estates pool and park are a great benefit to the families in our area. Volunteers manage the pool during the season. While the pool memberships and these volunteers maintain the pool, it is still owned by Woodson Estates, which makes us responsible for the safety of those using the pool. As a Woodson Estates Homes Association member, your help is appreciated in helping to maintain the park and the shelter.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

The Woodson Estates Board