2024 Annual Meeting Recap

2024 Annual Meeting Recap

Our 2024 Annual meeting was attended by 19 neighbors plus the entire board of directors. In the course of the meeting our 2023 Meeting Notes were approved, the 2024 budget was approved, and the 2024 Dues of $60 were approved. In addition, votes were cast for the board of directors.

We are working to obtain a minimum of two-thirds signatures from the homes in Woodson Estates to amend our bylaws, which will allow us to bring them up to date, as they were all written in the 1960’s. You can find out more information about what is being proposed and download the documentation needing your signature here at this link.

We had a presentation from a police officer regarding crime stats in Woodson Estates along with some resources that were made available to those in attendance. KCPD also offers a program for youth in Kansas City that you can check-out here!

The Woodson Estates pool is in the process of getting cleaned up and opened for the 2024 Season. You will need to purchase a pool pass to swim and from now until April 30th, pool passes are $25 off! The pool will also be opened to the public, so please pass the word to your friends and family. 

Finally, we discussed the Woodson Estates committees and each chairperson gave a brief presentation on their committee. If you would like more information, head over to the committee section on our website.

Pool Clean-up Dates

Did you know that we, the neighborhood, are responsible for the pool clean-up and prep? We have at least 2 more clean-up dates coming and need your help. 

April 6th – we’re getting the pool cleaned out starting at 9am.
April 13th – we’re working on the grounds and building at 9am.

More info!

KCMO Trash Bins

If you haven’t heard, KCMO is providing all residents with new Trash Bins that are similar to the recycle bins we were all given in 2023. 

But, remember, these bins can not be kept on the front or sides of your homes unless they’re out for collection. Our bylaws require that they are either on the back of your home or inside.