Your child is invited to join the Woodson Sharks Swim Team!

This summer, have your child join our Championship swimmers, practice (almost) every morning at the Woodson pool, and make new friendships. No swimming experience necessary, we'll teach your child!

The Woodson Sharks Swim Team is a great way for your kids to stay active over the summer!

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News from the Board

May’s Neighborhood Update

I hope this email finds you well and finally enjoying some spring weather in the neighborhood! I love seeing how the neighborhood transforms and what you’re doing with your yards, flower beds, and even some great home improvements!

Board of Directors Update

At our recent board meeting we were excited to welcome Rev. TC Caldwell to our board of directors. We are also incredibly grateful for Paul’s leadership as our board president and do wish him the best as he moves on from the board.

My name is Jeremy Schell and I’m excited to be serving as our new board president. I serve as one of the pastors at Graceway Church, in Raytown and our kids attend the schools here. I’m looking forward to serving this community and continuing to work to make Woodson Estates a great place to live.

Your annual assessment is in the mail. Included with your assessment will be an opportunity to help us update our very dated bylaws. Please return those, signed, with the envelope provided. You may also see who serves on our board by checking out our website (link below).

What’s going on with the pool?

We are fast approaching swimming season and looking forward to the pool getting open. You can get your membership by clicking here!

We are looking for an upright freezer for the pool’s concession stand. If you have one you’d like to donate, sell, or have a lead on one, please send an email to

Upcoming Events

  • June 10, 2023
    Dumpster Day (Trash)

    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM (more info)

  • August 12, 2023
    Dumpster Day (Trash)

    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM (more info)

Pay Your Assessment

Woodson Estates yearly assessments are due 30 days from the receipt of the invoice. Pay online or mail a check addressed to WEHA, P.O. Box 16582, Raytown, Missouri 64133.

If you’re not sure what you owe, check in with Sandy Olson at (816) 405-2415 or send us a message through the contact form.

Join the Board

You can make an impact on this community! Send us a message and let us know you'd like to be involved.

Trash Bag Fundraiser

Woodson Estates sells Frontier Trash Bags as a fund raiser for the park and pool area. The money goes into a special savings account and at this time the board is hoping to raise enough to replace the roof on the shelter house and replace the playground equipment.

You can order the bags by contacting Sandy Olson, 816-405-2415 or The bags can be picked up at 12112 E 62nd Terrace Or a board member will deliver them to your home.

Each roll is $12.00.


15 Gallon Bags

- 65 Bags per roll -

39 Gallon Bags

- 25 Bags per roll -

55 Gallon Bags

- 16 Bags per roll -